Repairs to Plasterwork In Essex

Repairs to Plasterwork In Essex

Havering Decorating Services have developed a unique process for restoring plasterwork in Essex to its original condition. Our plaster repair method does not involve replastering the entire wall, and our process guarantees a repair that requires no replastering with an indistinguishable finish from the original. A unique adhesive with properties is used to join loose or missing pieces, and once this process has been completed, normal decorating can resume.

Our plaster decorating services use efficient methods of removing water damage caused by damp proofing during building work without causing further damage to the plasterwork. Expert advice is provided on dealing with damp problems before starting decorating plaster walls. The process also includes complete floor preparation using modern finishes suitable for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Havering Decorating Services retain as much as possible of the original plasterwork, which typically results in a more solid wall being restored. A team of decorators attacks all three types of damage commonly found on walls with our innovative processes. Any missing pieces are replaced, and visible cracks are covered up before painting begins.

Plaster repairs may be the best solution if you have badly cracked or broken walls in your home or business. The cost of replastering a room is usually prohibitive, but our team can make the process affordable by doing most of the work without removing fresh plaster from existing walls. This will require time to treat damp problems caused during building work before you are ready for decorating services.

Havering Decorating LTD
Havering Decorating LTD

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Our unique process for restoring plasterwork guarantees a repair that requires no replastering and looks indistinguishable from the original. Our team can also handle carpentry repairs and other decorating services to create a perfect finish for your home renovation project.

We know that every homeowner wants their home to look its best – which is why we offer a restoration process that is not only efficient but also affordable. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

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