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How to Start Hanging Wallpaper – Tips & Advice

Installing wallpaper in 5 steps Prepare the supports   Depending on the type of support and its old coating, plan a few hours before you start  laying the future wallpaper. Walls should be properly prepared and sanded with the correct grit of sandpaper.   Painted Walls Wash with special detergent for walls then rinse. On a shiny […]

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Matt, Satin, Glossy Paint: Which Finish To Choose?

What Paint Should I Choose? The choice of paint is not limited to the colour. Depending on the room and the surface to be painted, we will opt for suitable material, because not all of them have the same qualities. Matt, satin or glossy paint, tips for choosing the right finish. Choosing the right paint […]

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How To Paint Interior Walls

When it comes to ensuring the success of your painting project, there is no more important step than preparing the walls, which includes cleaning, sanding and applying primer before applying the paint. The best way to paint walls When it comes to painting interior walls, there are no shortcuts, but following these two rules – […]